Train to create

I’ve always been a huge fan of “Dutch masters” and I must say that I was planning to make a trip to London for a very long time anyway.



So when I found out about Adrian Sommeling work online I was really curious. Wonderful pictures, especially those with his son are my favorite ones.




I was happy to find out that Adrian is making workshops all around the world and shares his secrets on compositing.

There was a great opportunity to meet him in London 1st of december 2013 as he was thank to guys from “Train to Create” holding a workshop “The essence of realistic compositions”.


Photographs by Adrian Sommeling




I switched myself to the “Travel and learn” mode and here are some of my observations of the event and of Adrians secret to success :

It could not be better movie-set kind of backdrop to this event than London. Guys from Train to create are wonderful and well organized.

Adrian is a modest, smiling and enthusiastic guy. He loves what he is doing.

Having fun is very crucial while working or perhaps sense your work as something you love, something you have fun with.

Don’t go too complicate with technical aspect of your image making. Simplest way of approaching it is usually the one which will work the best.

Idea, concept, reason why should be the main concern.

Photograph what is “closest” to you, meaning what you love, what touches your heart are things, people, events which are really close to you, that should be your target first. It can be your family for instance, as in Adrians photographs is his son his main “hero”. Something personal which then becomes universal.






I spent a beautiful sunday among wonderful people both organizers and participants. We photographed our background picture and our subjects. After that we worked on postproduction.







This is my final result:





Bonus? Yes there was a big one :-)



They collected our name badges at the end of the workshop and Adrian draw lots one of us who got the new Intuos pro tablet by wacom. Guess who won it? I had a little difficulty to transport my tablet by plane. You see there is a weight limit flying with Ryanair. After all I am safe back home. Last weekend I was fiddling with my new tool here are some of my photos I took of my sister and her kids.


_MG_0594 IMG_3015 IMG_3033


It might not be the style of my work yet, but I definitely want to learn more about compositing.

I made commitment to myself for the next upcoming year that I will make more photography projects which will include compositing just to practise the craft even more. Hope one day I will be really great in it.

I wish all of you happy new year! (all the best in year 2014)


“Goal without a plan is just a wish” Exupery